Big Stone Lake Stories artifacts and leaders at Meander Arts Crawl

The Meander Arts Crawl was October 5-7, 2018 and Bonanza Education Center was stop #38 along the way, the furthest "upstream" of all the stops that generally follow along the Minnesota River Valley. Big Stone Lake Stories artifacts and leaders were represented at this stop so that visitors could learn about the camp.

Visitor learning about paper-making from Don Sherman
Camp Artist Organizer, Don Sherman showed visitors how to make paper, including the paper made of aquatic invasive weeds - an activity he'd shared with campers over the summer. The summer techniques and results were on display along with other drawings, paintings, and sculptures from his studio. Don discussed how different natural materials have different properties for paper.  Some hold together more, others can be made thinner, and others he uses for texture and color. A summer camper, Kirby, stopped by and was pleased to discover that his idea to use clay from Bonanza was incorporated into some of the paper art works.

Visitor participating in Landmarkings
Camp Visiting Teaching Artist, Jonee Kulman Brigham, brought artifacts from the summer camp. Visitors could stitch in their special place on the Landmarkings large interactive map. In Words for Water, Jonee invited visitors to scoop water and add their own words for water to the vessel. We heard "water for crops" "baptism" "thirst quenching" and many other personal connections to water that visitors shared. Also on display were Jonee's photographs from camp and other artworks from her prior projects addressing water use, nature, people, and place.
Visitor participating in Words for Water

Cassy Olson, camp Project Manager, and Bonanza's Educator and a crew of her family and volunteers put on a pork feed on Saturday for visitors to enjoy warm food on the chilly autumn afternoon. Free will donations went to environmental education programming at Bonanza Education Center.


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